Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2013 Monty Awards

Here are the nominations for the 2013 Montpelier Station Award ( affectionately know as The Montys). For the third year running, a panel of judge chosen from a short list of blogger living at my house selects his favourite musical moments from the past twelve months. For the first time in their history, the awards well be announced live on the Folkbuddies Podcast.

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Best Album

None the Wiser
Chris Wood

Whip Jamboree
Blackbeard's Tea Party

Child Ballads
Anais Mitchell / Jefferson Hamer 

Crumbling Ghost II
Crumbling Ghost

Best New Song

Jackie and Murphy
Martin Simpson (Vagrants Stanzas CD)

Running Out of Time
Luke Jackson (live at Trinity Folk Festival)

None the Wiser
Chris Wood

Silbury Hill
Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin (various)

Best Version of Old Song 

Matty Groves
Phil Cerney (live at the York Black Swan folk festival)

Lily Marlene
June Tabor (live at St Georges Bristol)

Riddles Wisely Expounded
Anais Mitchell  (Child Ballads CD)

North Country Blues
Martin Simpson (Vagrant Stanzas CD and live at Chapel Arts Bath)

Best Gig or Set

Jim Moray
Folk by the Oak Folk Festival

Luke Jackson
Trinity Folk Festival

Firepit Collective
Priddy Folk Festival

Martyn Joseph
Trowbridge Folk Festival and/or Colston Hall

Favourite Non-Farm Based Festival

Priddy Folk Festival

Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

Trinity Folk Festival Guildford

Black Swan Folk Weekend York 


Special Award for the Gig That Was Most Special

Bright Phoebus Revisited
Colston Hall

Full English
Colston Hall

Jim Moray and Eliza Carthy
Colston Hall

Ewan McLennan 
Three Sugar Loaves, Bristol

Best Live Performance by an Artist Named Bob

Bob Dylan
Albert Hall London

Onion Award for Making the Judge Cry

Jake Thackray
The Remembrance sung by John Teesdale at the Black Swan, York

Jake Thackray
Remember Bethlehem sung by Notte Bene Choir at St Nicholas Church Bristol

Martyn Joseph
Five Sisters at Trowbridge Folk Festival & Colston Hall

Show of Hands
Cousin Jack at  Colston Hall

Singer Whose Name We Most Often Mispronounce

Karine Polwart

Katriona Gilmore

June Tabor

Dick Gaughan

Instrument We Most Often Mistake For a Cello

Double Bass

Jews Harp



Most Woody Guthrie

Andy Irvine

Billy Bragg

Martyn Joseph

Most Crowd

Two people
Ewan McClennan at Three Sugar Loaves

Fifty People
Chris Wood at St Georges Bristol

Two hundred and fifty thousand people
The Rolling Stones in a field in  Somerset

Most Unique Act

Richard Dawson

The Spooky Men's Chorale

Crumbling Ghost

Highlight of the Year

Ruins On the Shore 
Nic Jones at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

Nic Jones at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

Little Pot Stove Nic Jones at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

Overhearing the Sound check
Nic Jones at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival


Mike Taylor said...

So Luke Jackson's new album doesn't even make your shortlist?

Andrew Rilstone said...

For a very good came out in 2014, and these were the 2013 awards... If it isn't the best album of 2014, then...well, it will be have been a very good year!

Mike Taylor said...

You make a compelling case.

Jackson is playing at our local folk-club in a fortnight (Sunday 16th March). It'll be the first time I see him live.

Andrew Rilstone said...

(We mentioned in the thing that I heard the new song at a festival in 2013...Same reason I picked Jim Moray's "Lord Douglas" as the best new song of 2011, even though "Skunk" and "Cecil Sharp Project" didn't come out until 2012.) Has Luke Jackson done his gig at your folk-club yet?

Andrew Rilstone said...

Hey, this is good, you answer questions before I ask them. The Two Ronnies could get a sketch out of that.

Andrew Rilstone said...

(You could further debate whether Lord Douglas should count as a new song or a new version of an old song....)

Mike Taylor said...

I actually have a superb musical week coming up, by coincidence all centred around my birthday. On Sunday 9th, I'll be seeing Dar Williams in Birmingham, my absolute favourite singer-songwriter. Then on my birthday itself (12th), I'll see Transatlantic, an awesome prog-rock band that you would hate; then on the 16th, Luke Jackson rounds it off. I'll hardly feel I need bother go to any other gigs after that.

I'll be applying for a floor-spot at the Jackson gig. Then I'll be able to claim, only somewhat fraudulently, that I shared a bill with him.