Sunday, January 20, 2013

Special Award: The "Samantha" Prize For Rudest Lyric Heard in 2012


Paul Sartin

at the Bellowhead after-show session in the Colston Yard

It's nothing to do with you
It's a very small cock you all know what
It's my cock-a-doodle-doo"

(Also in the running for "I puts down me hand for to cut off the steam / But the chaff had been blown from me thrashing machine" with Faustus at Bristol Folk House.)

Stuart Giddens
at the Folk Weekend in the Black Swan in York

"We're having a bit tonight
We're having a bit tonight
Me Mother says I must be quick
To get a bit of Spotted Dick"

Lucy Ward
at Bristol Folk Festival

"Now he had phalurum, fa-liddle-i-orum
He had phalurum, fa-liddle-i-ay
He had phalrum, and a ding-dorum
Maids when your young never wed an old man..."

And the winner is ...

Tommy McCarthy
on the "Forty Favourite Folk Songs" CD

"Oh mother, oh mother oh what shall I do
I have married a man who's unable to screw
For many long years I've avoided the call
Now I've married a man who has no balls at all."

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